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HI! I am a hot mess mom. If you are also a hot mess mom, you and I will going to get along sooo well! I'm one part of a lesbian atheist couple raising a five year old little drama queen. I'm all about making parenting easy in a world full of messy kids! And at the end of the day, enjoying all that our kids have to offer while trying not to strangle them in the process! I am an avid hobby photographer. I am a keepsake mommy. A true crime buff. A homebody. I don’t cook and I only clean if I have to. I refer to my kid as “the kid” "Punky" "Lovey" and "Tiny Terrorist". I’m pro-life for myself, pro-choice for you. I’m anti-veggies. I’m a democrat. I’m a retail therapy shop-a-holic. I’m a list addict. I make digital invitation designs and have an Etsy shop called Events You Can Print. I have more Pins on Pinterest than I can do in three lifetimes. My favorite sound is my kid’s laugh. My favorite smell is fresh cut grass. I hated being pregnant. I love reading outside. I am short and stout, don’t tip me over, nothing will come out. I curse a lot. I don’t care if you don’t like me. It would be nice if you did.
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