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White Faux Taxidermy
White Faux Taxidermy brings the outdoor life, inside.
Nuestra historia
Marcos, born in Mexico circa 1985 and connects a few of years later to Paislea, born in Colorado circa 1990. Seemingly worlds apart, yet… fast forward to 2009, when Marcos meets Paislea at work. Some flirtation occurs and before you know it they discover their joint love for animals and nature. Continue fast forwarding and you find them dating, talking about kids, life, several moves, marriage and a growing animal collection. They begin their animal collection with their two cats "Templeton" and "Edmonton", a salt-water tank filled with odd creatures, Wynn the mixed schnauzer, and temporarily fostering dozens of orphan cat families. Being at a capacity for real animals, they decided to continue their love for animals by incorporating faux animal decor into their home. Paislea being the artistic one, and Marcos being the entrepreneur, they decided to customize their very own faux animal taxidermy to fit their home decor. Their love for bright colors, unique styles, and creativity gave birth to White Faux Taxidermy & Home Decor. They knew their creations would be a hit so with marketing careers well underway they decide to turn a weekend project into a full time business. From the crowded streets of SoHo to the busy nightlife of Tokyo, White Faux Taxidermy products have adorned the walls of thousands upon thousands of clients, businesses, hotels, and so much more. Sought after by well known interior designers from six of the seven continents, WFT has created a highly talked about and creative culture for not only the fashionable, but also the animal lover in every one of us. To keep up with production the team at WFT grew quickly and now consists of Paislea, Marcos, Ricardo, & Ashley.
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Paislea Shaffer
Cofounder, Maker
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Cofounder, Maker
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