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Tell the world how you feel about the Republican Party...the party of deregulation and greed to the point of economic meltdown, the party of war, the party of torture, the party of hate, and the list goes on! Don't believe me? Then visit a few of the pro-republican websites here at Zazzle and you'll see what I mean...these people love to hate. I grew up in rural America and the vast majority of the people I came in contact with there were ignorant of even basic science, quick to anger, and devoted to unquestioning religious and family tribalism. Careful research and critical thinking required way too much time and effort. Every day, I thank the forces in the universe I was able to break free from the hate, anger, and tribalism that makes up the Republican Party and become an independent voter. With all that has happened over the last 30 years, how can anyone defend the Republican party's record? Sincerely, U.S. Gulf War Veteran with 27 years of Military Service protecting the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!
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