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Two School Graphics
Retro & Vintage Signs
CA, United States
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Along old Route 66, across small towns in the US, there are still a lot of old signs from the 50's era. Most of these here are in western Arizona, and we hope they can be preserved. If you’re enamored of the styles of retro art, please do have a look, (and keep in mind that a percentage of our royalties go to any real businesses in here). Most of these terrific signs come from an age before generic corporate design took over, and speak to the post-war exuberance that defined America. Where goods had gotten cheap and plentiful, most folks could afford to own homes, cars and indulge in travel. The country went "on the road", this time as a migration of pleasure, not necessity, and these signs are remnants of that era. The name Two School Graphics comes from the experience of doing artwork the “old-school” way; drawing by hand and without computers, as quaint as that may seem. And somehow, it seems to take just about as much gear now as it did in those days!
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