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What's up, guys? Beautiful people! My name is Troi, and I'm here to share my imaginary comic friends with you all. Growing up, I've always written stories featuring these crazy characters. Naturally, their stories lead to drawing them on paper. And after years of keeping my drawings of them to myself, I decided to share them with you ALL to see. My comic style is inspired by Japanese manga art (I don't consider myself a manga artist, and prefer "comic artist" or "cartoonist" instead). My particular style is further inspired by the shojo sub-genre–which is a girls focused arena of manga art. However, though that's definitely my inspiration, I wouldn't totally label it as so. To me, I just like drawing cute profile pictures of these rascals. My inspirations are Sailor Moon creator, Naoko Takeuchi, and Peach Girl creator, Miwa Ueno. You can visit my blog at www.comictowel.com for all things on BOOKS | DRAWING | LIFE!
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