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The Question Shop
Canberra, ACT
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We found ourselves wandering between Korea and Australia and wondered what could make life easier and more fun. So we created The Question Shop . We have uploaded a range of basic designs and know that you will have a godzillian ideas of your own. Access ConsciousnessTM receives 50 per cent of any profits from Access designs and invites you to use its images and text to create your own. Our target is to expand the range of Access products and to facilitate you to tailor and create your own to suit your needs. Don't use these products to facilitate consciousness among your family, friends and clients by having questions pop into view around you at home, at school, in the office, in the car, and on the street...don't do that. What fun and ease can we add to your life as an invitation to consciousness? Thank you for being that invitation. In gratitude, Mary-Jane Liddicoat www.conscious-living.asia
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