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Swaggy Dog
Woof, woof, arf, grrrrrr.
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This store is run by a person with a chronic illness who has a Service Dog. In looking for Service Dog equipment that was functional, professional-looking, and attractive, it was difficult to find things that I liked. So I decided to try designing some of my own. Hopefully this shop will help others to find decorative gear for their Service Dogs. Also providing gear for Therapy Dogs, ESA's, as well as for your family pet. Please remember that only Service Dogs are covered by ADA Laws, and only buy items marked "Service Dog" or "Service Team" for legitimate Service Dogs. It is illegal to pass off a pet or an ESA as a Service Dog, and you could lose your dog, and face fines and jail time for faking a Service Animal. Please don't let that happen to you or your pet.
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