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Design for racing enthusiasts
Milton, Vermont, Estados Unidos
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Passion for racing, art and design. In 1976 I learned to drive in a 1969 Porsche 911E — this provided the passion for autocrossing, time trialling and racing throughout my life. I've raced, autocrossed and hillclimbed in different Porsche's and Audi quattros, from the Virginia City Hillclimb in Nevada to Mt. Philo Hillclimb in Vermont. My love for graphic design and the combination of racing enthusiasm is poured into the art I create. In 1991 I was the Editor and Art Director for the Golden Gate Region PCA and have also been involved with the Audi quattro club since the beginning (member Nr. 870), volunteering as the Art Director, designing event T-Shirts, posters and illustrations for the quattro quarterly magazine cover. After moving to Vermont in 1995, I started the New England Region quattro club and created the "gripster" newsletter. Since February 2000, I am the Art and Creative Director for Rovers North and Rovers Magazine — the leading source for Classic Land Rover parts for in the US. Some of my corporate logo designs include: Audi quattro club, Audi ur-quattro registry,, Benson Brothers Racing, David & Johnson CPA, Zephyr Cove, NV,, Green Mountain Region Porsche Club of America, Green Mountain Thermal Corps, Litespeed Bicycles,,, Rovers North,,, Tapia & Huckabay, CPA,, Vermont SportsCar rallying, Vermont Mini Club, Vision racing handlebars, Valley Medical Center (VMC) and many more. Contact me for design, custom corporate logos, illustration and website design at Cheers, Thompson Smith
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