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Inspirational Photography by of New York & More
New York City Prints - World Photography - Machu Picchu Posters & more
New York, United States
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I have always dabbled in photography... a hobby I picked up from my father. Having lived in and around New York for most of my life, I have a great love for this place. The rich history of the city, and the diverse architecture make it one of the best photographic subjects I have found. World travel is another passion of mine. I have posted my favorite photographs, from New York and abroad here. Most were taken between 1990 and the present. For my 19th birthday I was given, by my parents, my fabulous NIKON 4004 35mm camera. All photographs, with few exceptions were taken with that camera. I was forced to retire it in 2002 when it finally succumbed to damage from having been submerged in the Atlantic Ocean 4 years before (my husbands fault). I now use the NIKON N65 and have been pleased so far with it's performance (all of Santorini & Peru were taken with the new camera). I keep the old 4004 around, it has just become too un-reliable to bring on trips or use at weddings. I have inherited 2 Canons from my father, however I will forever remain loyal to Nikon. Enjoy your visit to my gallery. Thank you for taking the time to look around. I recenly opened a shop featuring some of my graphic designs on t-shirts. You can visit my shop at PatrioticTees.com .
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