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Sloths And More
Help support the GHFS Xenarthra and Dolphin Program!
Paramaribo, Surinam
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The Green Heritage Fund Suriname is a trust fund that was set up in Suriname in October 2005 and is a non-profit organization. The trust fund was established to fund activities that help promote the green image and cultural heritage of Suriname. Currently the GHFS runs a Xenarthra (i.e. sloth, armadillo, and anteater) rehabilitation program. By sheltering wounded, orphaned, or otherwise debilitated animals, we prepare them for life in their natural habitat. As we believe a wild animal belongs in the wild, all animals fit for release are let free in suitable areas. In addition to rehabilitation, this program focuses on public education. We hope that residents, politicians, and businesses will be inspired to protect Surimame's unique natural resources, preserving the country's rain forests for future generations. The GHFS also organizes dolphin boat tours of the Suriname River Estuary. During these tours (open to the public), we collect data that we hope will establish a baseline for future studies and conservation of the river dolphin. The GHFS seeks to generate the maximum resources possible to finance activities that will ensure that all Surinamers are equipped to take wise and balanced decisions about the sustainable development of Suriname’s natural resources and biodiversity. These funds will be managed in a manner consistent with the values of volunteerism, love for environmental conservation, pro-action for self-betterment, accountability, transparency, and empowerment.
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