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Runner + Olympic Marathon Trails Qualifier + Designer + Dream Chaser
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A little about Sincerely By Nicole: Sincerely By Nicole started out as a hobby. I’ve been (infamously) known to use quotes as my phone background as well as print quotes out and tape them around my room. I use quotes to motivate myself in both running and in my everyday life. I always joke with my sister that when I am racing and I start to get tired, I think of the cheesiest running quote and it keeps me going. I started designing quotes when I heard sayings that I liked and wanted to remember them and make them my own. This motivated me to create my own Zazzle shop focused on quote inspired digital prints. There is something about looking at a quote or saying that makes you internalize, relate, and apply it to your life. I find it incredibly intriguing that a single quote can have multiple interpretations by different people, all depending on what is going on with their life at that specific moment. Through Sincerely by Nicole, I am hoping to inspire others. Along with inspiring and motivating me, I have also found that quotes are an optimal way to make a space your own. Through the quotes I posted around my room and the quotes I design on Sincerely By Nicole, I get to show off a little more about what makes me, me. This is great because sometimes people think that all I do is run all day. I am hoping you are able to find something that does the same for you Thank you for taking the time to read about me and get to know me a little better. I am beyond grateful to be doing what I love and now having the opportunity to positively influence someone else’s life. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me or about the products available at Sincerely By Nicole!
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