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The Birdship
For all your "I want to scare off everyone I love" needs
Pittsburgh, PA
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Most of the products in this store are jokes/humorous items, but I do sell some "serious" things such as products featuring vintage/Victorian illustrations or my own artwork. Any money I make will go towards my student loans, which are now so high, I could buy a house, 3.5 Toyota Corollas, or 75,000 McDonald's Cheeseburgers. Yeah, that bad. Feel free to make any special requests if you want something on a different product or want something you don't see. Or contact me if you feel really sorry for me, have some spare change, and would like to donate in order to reduce my student loans so that maybe I would only owe about 70,000 McDonald's Cheeseburgers and keep cranking out ridiculous art here, and on other mediums whilst I continue school, accumulating more cheeseburgers. c: Enjoy!
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