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The universe, space and time, are areas of exploration that fascinate and make us wonder... Shall we ever decode all phenomena that exist? What are dark energy and matter? Why is the universe still accelerating? Can we time travel? And then we can go on wondering: If quantum science says we exist in two parts of the Universe at the same time, then what is our doppelgänger doing right now, is it an extraterrestrial? And why are the friendly good aliens not coming to save the human race or to tour us around the Galaxy? Is it they don´t care enough, or they are too busy trying on the latest spacesuit and smart-gun in Andromeda? We can even get tangled with seemingly silly questions like: “How fast does their ice-cream melt when they get too close to a supernova?.... But who cares, hey, here on Planet Earth, we have plenty of issues like surviving or getting along with neighbors and coworkers... “Take a bath!” they say, “The water calms you down!”...really!? I never felt at ease like a fish in the water when I dive. To see entire fish schools pass me by at high speed while I stay behind, watching them disappear into the blue hazy unclear distance while I am dealing with the bulky oxygen tank and tubes, makes me realize our limitations. Wait!... Is that a sirene, a barracuda or a shark?...We are not really on top of the food chain, are we?… Calm down, don´t hyperventilate or the oxygen will get into all the unwanted cavities. See, here is when math comes handy to calculate how fast to swim away to safety! See, it all comes down to math, at least until somebody proves it wrong. If you like science, or if you often find your mind sucked into the black hole of imagination, pondering on the past and future of the world, and if you take things with a little grain of salt and humor, then this store may be for you, at least until it disappears into the unknown.
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