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The Eco Pirate- Unexploiting nature, returning balance to the universe
frederick, MD
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Pirate Jules is an eco-friendly pirate. When she see's the injustice of exploiting nature she sets out on adventures across the high seas to restore nature to it's rightful existence, undoing the exploitation and restoring balance. No easy task, but easy tasks are not for Pirate Jules. She has a peg leg and a cockatoo and she sails a mighty Junk. She has both eyes. She wears an eye patch on one eye so that when she must go down below on a ship she can switch the patch to her other eye thereby being able to see better in the darkness having kept the now exposed eye out of the sun while up top. That's a real pirate thing that pirates do. Her most dangerous weapon is her cunning. Those who wish to gain at the expense of others will fall peril to the sharpness of Pirate Jules wit...or if necessary, her sword...but it's never necessary.
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