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Opal & Elm™
Cards - Monograms - Gifts - Apparel
East Coast, PA, Estados Unidos
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Opal and Elm began in early 2013. After creating personalized greeting cards for a time, then later opting to try calligraphy and typography art, I found myself expanding my designs with other art styles as well. For me, creating is an enjoyable and rewarding process; creating each one unique of itself, while always searching to incorporate new elements into my artwork. Eventually I began to lean toward working with much larger designs as well as designing for apparel and home decor. All of this eventually began to pose a bit of a challenge, and many times I found myself up all night to finish custom requests. Sometime during all of this, I discovered Zazzle and sky opened up to a whole new world of exciting design opportunities! I love creating for you! Within my shop you shall find many personalized gifts, such as monograms, as well as coordinating home decor pieces and wall trimmings so you can put together a room to your unique tastes. I also like party planning; so I've created many personalized party decor and paper products to help you put together a brunch or soiree like no other! I also tend to dabble a little in pop culture humor and inspiring verses, thus I adore creating charming text designs and illustrated typography quotes. I aim to go the extra mile to create extraordinary unique gifts that will mean a lot to you, so I put hours into each and every one I submit in hopes to provide the creativity and ingenuity you expect to receive in a custom greeting card or art-piece. Express your unique self and your beautiful individuality with wall art, decor, and apparel that speaks to your own tastes or fond memories. Don't forget to peruse some of my curated collections where I hope that with my help you will find a beautiful custom gift.
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