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Not So Retiring
A new life starts when the day job ends
Sumter County, Florida
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As a semi-retired person myself, I've been wondering what it would be like to completely retire... and realized I'd be a pauper within months. So I started researching various side hustles to augment social security and came away with a few ideas, Zazzle designing being one of them. Without a 9-5 schedule, I can also become more active - as in activism - just like I was back in the 60s. When we retire from our usual occupation, we have the time to start teaching what we know. On this "Not So Retiring" shop, you'll find the usual retirement party invitations - but with a twist. Also office supplies and promotional products you can customize for your new side hustle business. And even t-shirts, bumper stickers and more to celebrate the ways you're making a difference through your causes. Just because we might like vintage designs now and then... doesn't mean we're antiques ourselves.
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