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Nameless Beast
Alternative choice for the wild, self willed, instinctive individuals.
Warrington, Cheshire, Reino Unido
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In a universe where everything's possible, In a world where anything goes. In a land which has no limits, Lies a strange place unlike no other yet known. Where teeth are for smiling, eyes are for seeing, Heads are held high and minds always open. Individual parts of a puzzle who share only one piece. A feeling inside us all... The Nameless Beast Behind the Beast... Despite The Beast remaining nameless, the imagination behind the designs comes from the long haired heads of Happy & Blake. Blake & Happy teamed up after sharing an inappropriately long laugh at one infamous toothy elephant, drawn after a few pints down the local pub. Months later, after deciding, what later evolved into Elepant Elephant, was too hilarious not to share with the world, Nameless Beast was born! Hoping to bring a bit of colour, fun and thought into the stagnant world of T-shirt design to prove you are never too young or old appreciate light hearted designs with meaningful expressiveness.
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