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Mike Holt art - wildlife / nature designed gifts
Kingwood, Texas
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I have been imaging the scenery, and wild animals (wolves, bears, many others) for over 30 years and I truly love the idea of designing products with my art! In our store you can find many designed products that can be used in every day life! Start your day with morning coffee from scenery or wild animal designed mugs, wear our designed apparels during the day, and rest your head on our designed pillows! Then you can enjoy the natural world and its incredible creatures 24/7! Have you ever been in Yellowstone? Do you remember your excitement when you saw a grizzly bear or heard the wolves howl? Let my images revive your deep-felt memories and feelings from that time. And if you have never visited National Parks such as Yellowstone and Denali you will have a passion to do it! All my images have full descriptions. Are you looking for a gift? Mikes_ fine_ art store is the right place! And at our store you can customize our designer products during your shopping! New designed products created daily! Visit our store mikes_fine_art often! If you have an idea about a designed product but can’t find the “right image” please contact us @ bluewolfmike@yahoo.com and we can find the right solution! ~ Mike Holt
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