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MCWMDesigns By Michelle
United States
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Michelle started MCWMDesigns as a means to create products that are unique and out of the norm. Some of her work is Unusual, Dark and may carry a different vibe than you are used to. With the use of Photography, Editing programs and creative Art forms we will continue to create something for the imaginative and possibly the outside of the box thinkers that are fascinated with the bazaar and unique. We encourage you to customize our designs to fit into your lifestyle. Michelle was one of the first Designers to create a store here and has since added many artists to her Stores, each with a different style and brought together by a visionary that dared to dream. Danielle, Justine, Xusian and Michelle hope to bring a space for other creatives to personalize their visions with your own. Please feel free to make changes to any of our designs and make them your own. Thank you for being part of our world.
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