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Dante's Peak Suburban
It has the power to turn night in to day!
South West, Colorado, Estados Unidos
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In 1997 the Universal Pictures and Pacific Western action / adventure thriller, Dante's Peak, starring Peirce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton hit big screens across North America. Set in the fictional town of Dante's Peak our heroes face an awakening volcano and the many dangers with which it threatens the town and its people. In the movie, Harry Dalton (Peirce Brosnan) who is a volcanologist with the US Geological Survey drives an iconic Red Chevrolet Suburban which has inspired an entire generation of expedition type vehicles in the years following based on its ground breaking style. Our vehicle underwent a major restoration in 2013 to make it movie condition, it was sanded to its bare metal panels and completely refinished in beautiful red paint to match the Suburban in the movie. Out of admiration of its fine after market accessories, our goal was to reproduce the movie vehicle using as many original parts as we could find. Many of the parts are now obsolete and great efforts were made to track down originals parts where ever possible. Many sponsors and private individuals graciously supplied materials, accessories, finances and time to outfit the truck. It looks so close to the original in the movie that some people following its build thread on quipped that they couldn't tell which photos were clips from the movie and which were pictures of the actual project vehicle towards the end of the build! The public debut was in Wallace, Idaho on May 10, 2014. The town, portrayed as Dante’s Peak in the movie, was hosting their annual Depot Day Car Show which presented the perfect opportunity to show our Suburban off. The people of the town of Wallace awarded us the third place trophy in the show. It has been seen adventuring around Ouray, Colorado and Moab, Utah which is considered by many enthusiasts to be the mecca of the offroad community. We use the vehicle to promote the TREAD Lightly philosophy and encourage proper stewardship of our public lands.
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