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Nature's Finest By Maxine Billings
art, nature photography, nature photos
Temple, Georgia
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Hello! My name is Maxine Billings. I am a fiction inspirational author and have been for many years. However, a couple of years ago shortly after my retirement, I also became an avid photographer. Now, wherever I go, I take as many pictures (especially nature shots) as I possibly can. All of my photos are un-retouched because what some people may observe as a flaw, I consider to be unique and a natural work of art. So, photography has now become another passion of mine. I love sharing my pictures and have been doing so via the Internet for quite some time. I have such a huge gallery of photos now, though, that I felt I needed a separate site just for them, so on November 16, 2015, I created my virtual art gallery called Nature's Finest. Please stop by my website for a visit at https://naturesartblog.wordpress.com/ and check out the assortment of photos I have available for sale.
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