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Gray Is Beautiful Products
Home decor and retirement party decorations for senior citizens.
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Welcome to the "Gray Is Beautiful" gallery brought to you by the Linda Walsh Originals "Gray Is Beautiful" series of gray and white-haired dolls. They are a feisty group of senior citizens and they love creating whimsical designs. We have Helena, Sweet Julianna, Mabel - I Might, Magdalene - The Drama Queen, Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray, Blue Bell Sara, Grandma Aurora - On An Expedition, Grandpa Lewis - On An Expedition, Rebecca, Sweetheart Faith, Petronella - The Birdhouse Lady, Doug - The Handy Dandy Gentleman, Laura - The Quintessential Bunny Lady, and Devin - A Bunny Gentleman. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS PROUD TO BE GRAY! Here at the "Gray Is Beautiful" gallery we are proud of our age & our gray hair and proud to say so. After all, we have earned each and every strand. We say "Be PROUD" of your gray. Whether you are a senior citizen, baby boomer, female, grandmother, grandfather, or just have gray or white hair our "Gray Is Beautiful" products are for you. To learn more about our "Gray Is Beautiful" website please visit http://grayisbeautiful.blogspot.com .
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