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Bad Kitten Creations - Pin-up art of Lilly F Lie
Nice things for Naughty things!
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Hi Kittens! I 'm Miss Lilly - An animator, illustrator and singer from the UK . I am in love with vintage fashion, retro glamour, burlesque, Goth and silent movies. So if you are too then you are in the right place! Bad Kitten creations started back in the late 90s when I started making stopmotion animation. Though I have been drawing pinups and showgirls ever since I could hold a pencil!, and that's what this store is all about. At B.K.C we make nice things for naughty things. We love vintage fashions, fabulous women and have a fondness for the strange the alternative and all things feline. All original artwork, in high quality PNG format for best printing results. I am so happy to be able to share my love of all things Vintage sexy, and hope you enjoy it too. Lilly xxx.
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