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Trails NOT Scales!
St-Eugene, Ontario
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Hello, I am a 44 year old happily married mother of 3 grown children. I was morbidly obese, in 2006 I weighed 485lbs. I am now down below 300lbs. On June 23rd 2016 I decided to hike up a mountain. (weighing still 340lbs) Something I thought I could never do.(smoked for 28 years, quit Nov 11th 2014) Since then up till today (March 9th 2017) I've done 47 hikes. (I also snowshoe, mountain bike and go to the gym since November 11th 2015.) My dream is to do the Appalachian Trail with my husband (and maybe one of my sons) before or on my 50th birthday. (in 6 years) So that being said, I am a big believer in this movement called "Trails NOT Scales" which makes women and girls or overweight people not look at a number on a scale but go out and do what you can do to be active. Do NOT think (nor let society make you think!) because you weigh 300lbs, that you cannot hike, bike, snowshoe, swim, YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO! So I am trying to create items with the banner "Trails NOT Scales" in order to gather funding for our trip to the AT. Yes it is far away but going on a trip that lasts between 6-7 months (if we are fast walkers) needs planning and funding because for those months we will not be working but payments still come in on top of the expenses of being on the trail. Yes you sleep in tents, eat dehydrated food but sometimes you do take a break and sleep in Hostels, eat a good meal in a restaurant, which cost money. So IF you like my items and think that you would like to encourage me towards my dream, please buy my items. Thanks so much! :)
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Kim Woodbury
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