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Look for beauty in ordinary things and your world will become amazing
Ohio, United States
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As I have traveled, a camera has been my traveling companion. At first it was just to record vacation memories or work related mission trips . My wife who has been an avid amateur photographer for years and has won numerous awards, encouraged my own photography. My KDSphotography store is the "sister" store to the whatawonderfulworld* store. Or a "branch" of it , if you will. The latter is my wife, Sharon's store. She opened her store in Spring of 2009 and has been enjoying being a Zazzler. Over the years she has continued to encourage me to become more involved in photography. Now she has opened this second store featuring her designs using my photos. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Keep in mind that most items here at Zazzle and KDSphotography are at least partially customizable. (TIP: click on "products" or "all products" and then in the "sort" column, choose "newest" to see most recent designs) Zazzle is always having a sale, so sign up for email alerts so you never miss out. Discounts are given for things purchased in quantities. Check out the drop down charts on product pages for further info on this possibility. To save even further, consider Zazzle Black, a flat fee for a year of shipping. Trial versions are available. Cancel after the trial if you do not wish to continue the plan. If you sign up but are not interested in automatic renewal, just indicate this when signing up. Lastly, I encourage you to also check out http://www.Zazzle.com/whatawonderfulworld. Thanks so much for stopping by!
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