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Jacqui-Marie Designs
“Helping to celebrate your passion for Equines and the Countryside”
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Jacqui-Marie Designs creates artwork based on the beauty of horses and a passion for the countryside, encompassing three main values; Encouraging a positive mindset for equestrians, no matter your ability! This value is inspired by a passion to help promote a positive mindset to horse lovers, no matter if they are beginners or advanced, young or old or live with a disability, there are many pathways to achieving your equestrian goals. Bringing a love for the countryside into your home. This value is inspired by a love for the countryside and what it has to offer; animals of many different shapes and sizes, gorgeous scenery and an almost romantic, relaxing feeling it brings to people and I want to help bring those feelings of joy and peace into the home. Helping to celebrate a passion for equines and the countryside. This value is inspired by a strong passion for everything horse and country related…helping to spread the joy to like-minded people and equestrians You can find a range of products from clothing to home decor items in my Store! All items can be edited with text of your choosing and can be available in specific colour options upon request. If any help is required please email me at jacquimarie_designs@outlook.com and I'll be happy to help!
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