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Love Brit
The best of British culture - and the colonies they've owned
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London buses, Scottish kilts, bagpipes, celtic harps and the self-deprecating, tongue in cheek humor that has made Britain the great empire that it is today. We are Brooke and Joe and we love all these things too. We appreciate the creative world both in all its forms and between them they have written books, music, movie scripts and won awards for design projects... so when they fell upon Zazzle in 2016 they just couldn't resist the temptation to get involved. Though motivated through the creative arts their greatest source of motivation arrived two weeks after the birth of their second son, Jude, when they received the call to tell them that he was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Their lives changed forever and their resolve is to do whatever they can to not only provide as full a life as possible for Jude but also to support research to find the answer to this life shortening disease. Brooke & Joe hope that their designs bring a little bit of laughter and happiness to your life and in return you will be helping them do their part to support CF research - hopefully leading to many more years of joy in theirs.
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