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When I was forced to retire in 2003 for health reasons and confined to a hospital bed 24/7, I started a blog just to keep me sane and to repay the Hacker community for all of their advice, help, & support since the early days of the public internet and personal computers (early 1980's) by offering my original Icons & low-res clip-art as free downloads. 3 years later, my son (who was working on his Fine Arts Degree at the time) challenged me to try my hand at much larger pieces and in different artistic styles. Figuring I had nothing to lose at that point, I accepted his challenge and surprised myself w/ how easily I was able to jump to chasm between flunking 2nd Grade Art (because I couldn't color within the lines) - to Architectural 2D & 3D CAD - to 128px icons - to 48"x36" posters. But it wasn't until a regular visitor (Dogkisses) to my blog asked me to create an image that would reflect her conflicting emotions, that I realized I actually had enough artistic talent & skills that people would be willing to pay me for it! Since I couldn't handle the printing & shipping from my bed, I began a search for online sources & came upon Zazzle. That was in 2007 & that poster "The Fence Sitter" was the 1st product in my 1st Online Store, IconDoIt. And as they say, the rest is history.
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