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Gifts and accessories for hummingbird lovers and nature enthusiasts.
Dallas, TX
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I've partnered with artist Janet Weight Reed to make her stunning paintings of hummingbirds available on a multitude of gift items. I fell in love with her work the moment I saw it and hope you will too! If you see a particular print on one item and would like me to make it available on a different product, please contact me. I'm creating new items as fast as I can, but simply cannot put every combination in the store at once. Why Hummingbird HQ? I've spent the last 35 years looking for birthday and Mother's Day presents for my mom, who loves hummingbirds. If I happened upon something beautiful or different, I would buy it immediately and save it for such an occasion. It was my secret "hummingbird closet stash". After I was married, the same stash seemed to satisfy many needs for gifts for my mother-in-law as well. Thank you for visiting HummingbirdHQ.com!
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