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Gypsy Owl Productions LLC
Inspire to higher state of self with a balanced energy flow.
Rossmoor, CA
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I am a Reiki Master practitioner. My goal is to help you visualize the energy that fuels your life and your body. I hope to give you tools to help you balance and strengthen your Chakras by creating images that stimulate energy. If you are attracted to a specific color, that Chakra might need balancing. This page, OWL of Infinity, is a division of Gypsy Owl Productions, LLC. The object of Reiki is to increase the amount of Life Force Energy that is flowing through the body and help balance the energy system of the person receiving the Reiki energy. Most Reiki practitioners work with the balancing the Chakras’ energy. With specific hands positions over the receiver’s body, the Reiki practitioner can determine which of the Chakras needs most balancing, would it be unblocking the Chakra energy or working with over active Chakra. Information with respect to Energy Healing do not constitute medical advice. I always recommend you seek medical advice from a qualified doctor in the case of serious illness. My intent is to provide information, not diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Gypsy Owl Productions, LLC