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Adelaide, Australia
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Gorjo Designs – your go to resource for thoughtfully designed wedding stationery. I sincerely thank you for stopping by and hope you find something you love. ABOUT ME / Finnish-inspired and Parisian-educated designer that combines minimalism and functionality with purpose and heart. // Starting an Etsy shop has been a dream of mine for many years, which remained on hold for a while due to my work situation and, to be completely honest, a tiny bit of fear about how my work would be received – would people even like it, would they want to buy it? After a lot of encouragement and support from my loving husband and a change in my work circumstances, I was finally able to take the leap and I am so happy I did! I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia, where I work from a small Norwegian cabin in my backyard (yes I actually imported it!). I love it here – great food, beaches, scenery, friends and family – the perfect ‘home’. My style is minimalistic and my mantra in "to create simple, meaningful design". Before I moved into design I built a career in finance. (I’m proof that creative types can be analytical and organised!) My favourite summer (ever) was spent in Paris studying interior design while my husband studied photography. That summer changed my life as I realised me and design were in it together forever. When I’m not designing I’m dreaming about design (really!). When I’m not designing in my waking and dreaming life, you’d probably find me travelling, exploring new places, playing the piano or cuddling my dog baby. - Zoe.
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