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Equine Art & More by Gail Ragsdale
McDonald, Tennessee
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Thank you for stopping by! I'm an artist from SE Tennessee specializing in Dark/Gothic Art, Fantasy and Realism. My favorite subjects are animals; primarily horses, cats, birds, Ravens, dragons, unicorns and other wildlife. I also will do an occasional landscape! Most of my life I have been predominately; an equine/horse artist. I have drawn most my life, horses of course! In both high school and in college at California State College in Long Beach my course of study was art. Horse art was discouraged by my professors as being “un-saleable” so I practiced along “normal” acceptable subjects and saved my horse art for non-school lessons. With marriage came a change of career, still with horses but on the training and showing end with commissions during the slow winter months. With over 30 years experience training horses, I have developed even a greater appreciation for their elegance and beauty.
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Gail Ragsdale