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T-Shirts and accessories that may result in various groin injuries
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Many centuries ago in a land far far away, a naked and hairless gorilla was wondering through the desert looking for a very special piece of parchment that contained the secrets of the universe, and also some muffin recipes. When suddenly he had a terrifying realization, he remembered that he had forgotten to forget to remember to set his DVR to record Dr Phil. With much haste he whipped out his limited edition smartphone in exclusive frozen-banana color and did a quick search which revealed to him that Dr Phil doesn't exist yet and neither did smartphones. So he inserted the bruised banana back into his monkey bum and carried on with his epic journey. Until one day a blinding light pierced the sky and tumbled down at his feet. He scooped it up with his trembling palms only to realize something that has haunted every living thing since the history of time... Zazzle. He could now put his ideas and designs on clothing and items and sell them to unsuspecting humans who all have no idea that these items were infused with a terrible curse that would soon lay waste to everything that has ever been. And buttons and mugs too. Muwahahaha
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