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All products conceived from copyrighted story "Fug Cup"
Hudson, Florida
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This store is designed from a copyrighted comic sketch I wrote.All product ideas are derived from this and are also covered by the same copyright. I am starting this store so everyone can own their own piece of this story from Fug Cups to plaques, hats, bumper stickers or whatever your heart desires to place your own touch of Fuggin, Florida upon. Did you ever just want to give the Fug Cup, own the Fug Cup, open the Fug Cup or just shut the Fug Cup? Well, now you can.Maybe you don't want a Fug Cup in your life but enjoy coffee, get a personalized Fug Coff Fuggin Coffee mug instead. Maybe you just don't know the whole Fuggin story, well you can that here too. Maybe you are just another "Fugger" from another Fuggin, state and want to let everyone know you are, then buy something that states "I am a proud Fugger" or "I am a happy Fugger" and let folks know what kind of "Fugger" you are.Products still in development are the "Fug Cue" and the "Fug Cue 2" but you can apply these designs to whatever you like cups, hats and whatever as long as they bear my copyright logo.
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Lawrence Boudreau
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