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Flags of Nations
Designs using world flags.
Terra Firma
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Really old graphics designer, slightly disabled, supporting herself with designs inspired by international flags. Most of the designs here feature the flag of a particular nation with the name of the country below it. There are some variations and some designs that are completely different, but every design involves a flag of a nation in some way. How did this get started? Well, the designer, that would be Auntie Shoe, is disabled with spine issues, as well as ergonomic ones. Needing an income, your virtual Auntie had to find something that would take no cash investment up front because she was dead broke. Also, your Auntie Shoe is not much of an artist, but she can draw a straight line, with the aid of her graphics program. Flags were easy to work with, as well as fun. Different cultures and places have always interested Auntie Shoe. So, it is fun to do. Finding a place for everyone's culture is a huge endeavor and quite time consuming. But this shop, and similar ones for specific countries or themes are the result.
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African American or African Diaspora
Aland Islands or Aaland Islands
Armenian Flag and Armenia
Aruban Flag and Aruba
Australian Flag and Australia
Austrian Flag and Austria
Bahaman Flag and Bahamas
Bahraini Flag and Bahrain
Bangladeshi Flag and Bangladesh
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