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Huizen, Noord-Holland
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Welcome & Thank You Nature and Design Enthousiast, for (re) visiting our Store, It's Great to have you in our store today, Edelhert is the Dutch word for Red Deer. Like it's adler of two horns, the studio consists two Dutch people: Hans-Paul and Désirée van Duuren. We both have our own Expertise and Creative Specialities. Our mutual main interests and inspirations are: -- Nature Photography and Design --. Nature is everywhere and each country has it's own beautiful flora and fauna. We see that on our travels, but also in the Netherlands, in our region and own garden. We think nature is important because it makes you feel connected and happy. We want to share that feeling with you. Nature in all its variety is an endless inspiration to photograph, paint, draw and mosaiek. We are excited to design Nice, Cute, Fun and Beautiful Gifts for you! Latest Products: We love to Happily Surprise you with continuous new designs. So..., Feel Free to keep visiting our stores to see our Latest Products. We would appreciate it when you share your enthousiasm for our designs with your friends. In the media, here on the right above you can see some designs and 'Behind the Scene' photo's ------->>> Comments and Reviews: We would love to see what you think of our designs. You can use the menu bar-link for writing your comments/reviews. Have a Nice day, and we look forward to see your Comments & Reviews soon!
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