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Design for Serenity
I Speak Fluent Succulent.
Chula Vista , California
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Laura Eubanks is an award winning landscaper specializing in succulent design. Her signature "Tapestries" incorporate tightly woven succulents amongst gorgeously placed rocks, pebbles and sea glass. The effect is breathtaking and referred to often as "living art". Laura hosts a popular DIY series on YouTube and Facebook called "Your Succulent Tip of The Day". She has amassed thousands of followers that she affectionately refers to as her Succulent Squad. Laura gardens in Chula Vista, California with her teenage daughters, Laura's Husband Greg & Bentley their Succulent Dog, who is featured in many of Laura's Youtube videos. Like her on Facebook at Design for Serenity, subscribe to her YouTube channel at Laura Eubanks and follow on Instagram at lauralovessucculents.
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