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The products found in the Deprise Kabbalah Store contain artwork with the 72 Names of God. These names are written in Hebrew and incorporated into the artwork. Kabbalah teaches that by scanning right to left the 72 Names of God, we can reveal the light or energy of that specific Name Of God. Imagine that!!! Entrain with positivity for wellbeing. My thought is when you gaze upon the artwork you are tapping into that energy. Even if you are not conscious of it, your subconscious is picking up on what is there. This is a powerful truth and can be used as a powerful tool! You choose what energies to entrain with! Why not surround yourself with art and products that help to reveal more light? The choice is yours. What do you entrain with? I consider the artwork found in this store to be of a new genre called "Transformational Energy Art". It is art that is intended to leave the viewer transformed through technology. The technology of Kabbalah!!! Love and Light, Deprise
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