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Fashion and Designer Palette Colors and Backgrounds to Customize
Staten Island, NYC, New York
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This store is a place to create new, unique and novel designer products with custom design backgrounds, sparkly, glitter and patterns created by CricketDiane as an artistic design palette. There are color-only, nothing but colors products from pink to neon green in every color of the rainbow and designer colors as well. There are polka dots and stripes made to match other home fashions and accessories you may like as a palette for your own designs. And, there are sparkly, glittery and unusual backgrounds to make a beautiful and fun statement of personality. These designer palette backgrounds are perfect for adding your logo, then coming back later to make other items to match with the same color. Also useful to customize with your own artwork, text and photos to make beautiful products personalized to match your decor and style.
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Business Cards - Plain Color Both Sides
deep camo army military green grey black camouflag
Black Bubbles
Modern Colors
Dark Dusky Rose
Deeper Sandy Beige Apricot
Dark Beige
Dark Tan
Tan Beige
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