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The CreativeTaylor Boutique
Original art and illustrations by Melanie Taylor!
Bloomingdale, FL, Estados Unidos
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Welcome to the CreativeTaylor Boutique where I offer a ton of cool and unique designs on everything from invitations to business cards... mousepads to tee shirts... and a vibrant variety of gifts for everyone and any occasion ~ everything can be customized to suit your needs! All items in the CreativeTaylor Boutique feature my original artwork & illustrations. Zazzle makes these products easy to customize for yourself, but I'm always available to help if you're looking for something in a different color or style. Let me know if you're looking for something in particular... or if you're in need of other design or illustration work! ABOUT ME :: I'm a work-from-home Mom and freelance Graphic Designer, Artist & Illustrator with over 15 years of professional experience. Before choosing to freelance from home I worked as the Graphics Manager of a daily college newspaper (The USF Oracle), a Graphic Artist for a mass media company in Clearwater, and then as the Art Director of a design agency in Tampa. When I'm not creating new products for my Zazzle shops, I'm designing and illustrating custom work for my clients.
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