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The Harmonix of Art run though everything!
Philadelphia, PA, Estados Unidos
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Wearable Art from a custom made design gives you a unique fashion statement. Whether it's for a Skater, Hipster, Athlete, Urban, or Party goer, the designer engages the Music of Color on inspirations drawn from nature, both native and alien, providing harmonic themes that are original, conscious, and fresh. Our images come from oil paintings on canvas, silk paintings, photography, and graphics from pen and ink, as well as electronics. We are also delighted to now offer you CUSTOM design services! If you have an idea, we make it for you and can offer it on all kinds of products including those for the home, special occasions, accessories, electronics, etc. When requested, the resulting designs are 100% confidential and will not be available to anyone else. Our turn around time is fairly fast, but if you have a very big custom order it might take almost a month- so plan ahead- inquire early. Small orders can be turned around in days. When I can bring this to you, for your pleasure, through the air, the internet - it's magic, for us both. When you buy or gift from the Colour Harmonix Store, the vibe spreads out every time its worn or used - like ripples in a pond from a dropped pebble. Could it be the "butterfly effect" ?
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