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Fractal Art by Vicky
"Let's all play." -- Benoît B. Mandelbrot
Los Angeles, California
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Besides playing with fractals, I work on music with my husband, composer John Mitchell, and maintain our website, www.abm-enterprises.net (the abm stands for Adolf, Benjamin and Matthew, three of our cats). Free 800 x 600 pixel versions of my fractals for desktop wallpaper are at www.abm-enterprises.net/wallpaper.html. My approach to fractals is related to an interest in photography--I've done a lot of it, some professionally. With fractals as with photos, I choose what to look at, study the light and shadows, manipulate the colors--but the material has its own structure. It's divine geometry. I was born in the US, Washington State, but have traveled and lived in other countries. Educated at Stanford and UCLA (Romance languages and linguistics).
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Lobo shop ha comentado en bragova 14/11/2010
Very good designs and nice store!!:o)
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The Blue Clover ha comentado en bragova 10/09/2010
"Great shop!"
And many thanks for your congrats on my TBA! hugs
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Hi Vicky, I'm glad what I write, I snap all the archeological sites of Cuzco and it is fascinating. Machu Picchu is magical. Your work is beautiful, great art!, Congratulations and success in your work!. If you need any information or photographs would be happy to give you anything. Buenas tardes Vicky y muchos exitos en tu maravillosa carrera como artista!
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