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Boston, MA
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Over the last few years I have focused on nature photography and have tried to capture the awe, and wonder that I (and likely others) feel when experiencing the natural world. There is something innately comforting that connects with me when I immerse myself among flowers, plants, trees and beautiful scenery. If you want to read more about my love for Walden Pond, in particular--go this website: https://thestoriesbetween.com/blog/walden-pond-forever/ For this reason I love camping, backpacking and finding shelter in any rustic setting (no lights, indoor plumbing, or central heat). Many of my photos were taken on one of my outdoor adventures and have been combined with some of my favorite inspirational quotes, often connecting with my love of nature. If the quotes don't fit your mood, feel free to replace them with your own, or mix and match them from my other posted cards. May we all find peace somewhere in our inner and outer worlds. All the best, Bo P.S. My favorite place is Walden Pond. Check out my NEW 2016 Walden Pond/Concord Calendar.
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