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Boagie's Backyard Emporium™
Custom Designed Gifts for Pet Lovers
Westfield, IN, Estados Unidos
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Boagie is a little poochon who had a rough start in life. He overcame many obstacles and now "dreams" of making a difference for all animals everywhere, through Animal Rescue, Advocating abolishment of Puppy Mills, and Speaking out against Animal Cruelty...including Animal Testing and Dog Fighting. Boagie's Backyard™ promotes Animal Welfare, through humor, entertainment, education and fund raising. You can find Boagie on his website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Boagie's Backyard Emporium has a wide variety of irresistible gift items and souvenirs, and we're always adding something c'mon in! When you buy Boagie's unique designs you not only get beautiful products, you help caged, homeless and suffering animals find new lives because we donate 100% of our profits to Animal Shelters, Rescues and sick or injured animals in need.
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Boagie's Philosophy of Dance
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