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BCG Photography & Art
BCG Photography, Art & Designs
CALIFORNIA, United States
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Hi! Welcome to my Zazzle! Here you will find my eclectic collection of digital and film photography, photo manipulation, artwork and design. I've lived in California all my life except for one year back east. I have loved photography since I was a kid. I began classes in high school and continued to take them through to college with my mom's film camera, a Pentax, and now I get to share my love with you! I'd actually started at the basic classes over and over because each teacher liked different things and I wanted to learn new ways to develop my work. Right now I am a struggling artist working from home since June 2015 and found a new "day job" that unfortunately didn't work out when I had to move back in May 2017. So now it's 2018 and I hope that things will get better soon. I have opened this shop along with others to hopefully help supplement my income a bit. I began with 60 designs and as of November 2017I have over 500-600 designs depending on the shop. I love each shop because of the range of products and being able to have my work available to customers on different platforms. Word of mouth is also vital for an indie artist. We depend on fans and customers to share us with their friends & family. If you like the design here but not the product I do have several other shops: ⭐cafepress.com/bcgbotique ⭐cafepress.com/bcgphotography ⭐artsadd.com/store/bcgphotography ⭐society6.com/blakcirclegirl ⭐redbubble.com/people/blakcirclegirl You can also find me/follow/like etc here: 🎉facebook.com/bcgphotography 🎉twitter.com/blakcirclegirl 🎉blakcirclegirl.tumblr.com 🎉instagram.com/blakcirclegirl 🎉blakcirclegirl.deviantart.com I hope you love my shop, leave me a product review after your purchase & tell your friends! Don't forget to follow, fave & share me! Support starving indie artists by purchasing or sharing! Everything helps! Much love! xoxo!
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