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Natural Design
inspired designs to embrace your free spirit
Toronto, Ontario, Canadá
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Welcome to my Zazzle Shop. I am a visual artist, portrait painter, designer, photographer and a graduate of the 4 year Communication and Design program from The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. Much of my artistic career concentrated on taking on portrait commissions, in acrylic on canvas and watercolour, locally and also from the UK and the US, as well as selling small original paintings through a large on line auction site to buyers all over the world. My painting style leans towards traditional realism. At this time I was also a part time stay at home Mom to 2 young children. In the mid 2000s, I learned, through an on line artist community I was quite active on for several years, of this wonderful new print on demand site that was created with artists in mind. A company that wanted to work with fantastic specially chosen manufacturers of products that those designers and artists could make their work and graphic designs available for purchase on. It interested me greatly! This is how I came to have a shop on Zazzle. My children are now young adults, I work full time and I paint mostly for myself, making the time to continue to design for and grow my shop here on Zazzle. A bohemian, free spirited soul at heart and one who tends to drift in the opposite direction of the crowd, I have remained true to my original desire to design from my gut and own internal vision, inspired by the timeless shapes, textures, values and colours from the natural environment, as well as from my long standing fascination with the mix of industrial and natural textures, motifs and themes. Though I do attempt to diversify as much as possible, not every design I create do I originally feel compelled to make available on every product Zazzle offers. Please feel free to reach out to me if a certain design may not be available on a particular product and I will be happy to create and make available that product listing for you here. Thank you and enjoy!
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