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Amelia Carrie
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CA, United States
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I love creating art. I have been creating art for many years and my art tends to reflect my personality which is happy, friendly, outgoing, very spiritual and positive. I enjoy making things like yin yangs and the tree of life as well as designing everything from greeting cards to home décor. Most of my art pieces are original. I do paintings, drawings, sculptures, computer graphics and more. However, sometimes I'll make some collages with public domain clipart. Thank you for shopping in my Zazzle store. I have worked very hard to create a large selection of gifts and products for you to enjoy and to help fill the world with positive and happy artwork. Amelia Carrie zazzle.com/AmeliaCarrieArt see also... zazzle.com/TreeofLifeShop zazzle.com/MemorialGiftShop zazzle.com/CustomizeABLEs zazzle.com/GlitterInvitations zazzle.com/AmelianAngels zazzle.com/AZEZcom
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Amelia Carrie
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