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El Pini is a music producer who lives in Barcelona. With over 20 years in the profession he has played throughout Spain in top clubs, including KGB, PONT AERI, COLISEUM, RAVE MASTER, CIRCUITO,NAU-B3,SCHEDULE,LA FESTA,SYMBOL,CASINO,BLUE,KRATER,ATTACK,UFF!,SALA SPEED,MR,SILVIS,TWTANKAMON,DON ZAPAS,EL SOMBRERO,EL CEL,CASTELL,AVALON,NEUROSIS,EXTASIS,TACTICA,QUE PASA,BBT20,SET04DOS,LA METRO BCN,PENELOPE,LA CAVERNA,BATIKANO,AQUA,EL TEMPLO,SAC- SALA,SENSORIAL,TECHNOLAND,CIRCUITO,BAKAÑA,SOUND,BST STAND,OCTOPUSSY,EL PORC,ARENAS,32,CENTRAL- CU,. His music has been released on more than 40 vinyls available worldwide. EL PINI, AKA DR.MADNESS AKA HARRISON DEEJAY & EL Pini (Ruben Pinilla) is the most important purveyor of his style both in and out of the country.

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